Every day, thousands of the world’s top sports and fitness centers rely on EZFacility to make their businesses run smoothly. Easy to use, secure, and affordable. Since 2003.

“I investigated quite a few solutions but found out that the best one for my business would be EZ FACILITY. I cannot believe how easy it is to use and how well it works. I no longer have to answer 40 plus calls a day to reschedule or cancel appointments and clients know how many sessions they have left each week and month. Its given me such a sense of relief knowing that part of the business just runs by itself and now I can work on marketing, promoting, and growing into the next location! Its been a life saver and I highly recommend it.”

Pamela Molinari, Atlanta Fitness Diva

“I've been using Ezfacility since I opened my business in 2006. I can't express enough how much they have helped me in being a successful entrepreneur. Because of ezfacility I am able to essentially run my entire fitness business through their site (ex: scheduling, reports, POS, etc.). I'm confident if I didn't have their systems that we would not have been able to flourish over these past six years.”

Monte Mitchell, Elite Strength & Fitness

“We opened in 2009 and have grown to 5 locations in Northeast Ohio. EZ has helped us to stay organized with our bookings, stay on top of our accounts receivable, and helps us continue to grow our business each year.”

Shaw Abrams, Force Sports

“When we opened our indoor baseball facility it was done primarily to meet a need in our community. Since I had a son playing baseball it was a great fit for us. It was important to control our costs and time since this was not our primary business. We incorporated EZ Facility to do all our scheduling on line. The first benefit is that it maximizes the use of our facility as members, teams and instructors have real time knowledge of availability. Second this allows us to run our facility using a member coded door and not requiring us to have onsite payroll to monitor scheduling so it has saved us a great deal of time and money. We have used EZFacility for over five years since we opened the facility and find it to be very valuable to our business.”

Rory Underwood, The Strike Zone

“Working with EZFacility has made the daily tasks and responsibilities of our student employees so much easier. With all of the equipment we rent out to our users on a daily basis and keeping track of what programs our users participate in, we have been able to gain so much information while not having to ask the student staff to do more than their fair share of work. EZFacility has allowed our staff to take a major step away from the day-to-day functions of the building and focus more attention on the long term and aided in the development of new future programs. In essence EZFacility has helped make work much more EZ (easy)!”

Craig Leduc, West Chester University

“We opened our facility in January 2010, during the first year we had a software that was subpar to say the best & seemed to create more problems than solutions. Entering our second year of operation we decided to explore other options for a management software. EZFacility has eliminated a lot of the billing chaos we experienced with our first provider, the online scheduling feature has freed up a lot of time, allowing our staff more time to focus on providing the best possible service to our clients. There are more features that we haven't utilized yet, but will be in the coming months & we are all excited about it!”

Brian Armstrong, ZONE Athletic Performance

“We are a FAMILY run basketball academy. Before EZ Facility My wife and I worked 12-14 hour days. Since we got the software we have been able to cut back on working due to the multitude of time saving tools that EZFacility gives us. Scheduling is now a breeze and we NEVER over book or double book any training sessions. The software is so easy to use that my 16 year old daughter now is our administrator and processes payments, enters clients and schedules all of our sessions. We have over 1900 registered clients that we can email with one email blast and that in itself is a huge time saver! I don't think we could run this business the way we do without EZFACILITY!”

Robert Soler, Hotshots Athletics

“FIIT Training Center has been using EZF since January and we love it! Very user friendly and the customer service has been excellent as well! Thanks!”

Jennifer Smith, FIIT Training Center

“EZFacility lets us do what is most important to us which is work with the kids and promote our league. We would definitely recommend EZFacility over any other sports league management tool.”

Chris Damron, Arizona Youth Sports Leagues

“EZFacility has made my job so much easier and the boss loves the reports I can give him. A big improvement over the software we used previously!”

Gail Bucher Williams

“We’ve been actively using your system on a daily basis for over four years. EZFacility has allowed us to coordinate the master building schedule with two differnt units in the building. The decision to use your system for reservations / master scheduling has drastically improved our customer service to our patrons and student employees.

Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Amy J. Seth, Director of University Recreation, Western Michigan University

“You have made our lives so much better … we can actually BE PREPARED for the evening leagues now! You are listening to your customers and it’s obvious that you are working hard to deliver the best service!!

Thanks again ... so, so MUCH!”

Janet Benassi, General Manager, Off the Wall Soccer, Arena Soccer Centers

“EZFacility has made my job easier! The technical staff have been supportive about customizing the system to our needs to help improve customer service and because it’s internet based, I can access my schedules from anywhere! I love it!”

Kristine Kubota, Marketing & Booking Coordinator, Hershey Centre/SMG Canada ULC

“Thank you all for your support. It’s been refreshing working with all of you because you’re all so dedicated to providing the best service and product possible. What sets you apart in my experience is that I can call your support team and present them with a challenge that we’re having, propose a change that would assist our business and within days (sometimes hours) they’ve got a solution for me and within a couple weeks the solution is implemented in the software. I love the process and how customizable it is.”

Vanessa Sikomas, Innovative Personal Fitness, Calgary, Alberta, CA

“The Washington City Community Center in Washington City, Utah has been with EZFacility since 2008 and have been consistently impressed by its abilities and functionality. It is an incredible system that has made me feel, as and operations manager over a 110,000 sq. ft facility, always in control and on top of my facility. In this industry those are feelings that are hard to come by. To all those on EZ's team, you do an incredible job and I appreciate your excellent customer service.”

Aaron Olsen, Washington City Community Center

“I absolutely recommend EZFacility to any health club or gym looking for an all in one club management solution. I dont know what we would do without it.”

Skye Kaiss, Gold’s Gym of Regina

“EZFacility has improved our internal communication with its scheduling system immensely. The on-line registration has revolutionized our programming and has been well received by our customers. With over 200 soccer teams playing in one session the EZ Leagues feature has been great for scheduling games, tracking scores and keeping stats. The staff at Body Zone is very happy with the services we receive through EZFacility.”

Jaime Rowe, Special Events Coordinator, Body Zone Sports & Wellness Complex

“Between the time I saved using EZFacility, and the valuable financial and usage reporting it provides, the program more than pays for itself. I would recommend this software to anyone looking to spend less time getting headaches and more time improving their business.”

John Harris, Vice President/General Manager, Scout Training Facility

“Not until EZ Facility came along were we able to use a program that combines ease of use, with comprehensive coverage of all our programs. Moreover, the staff at EZ Facility responded quickly to any small changes we needed to make the software even more compatible with our needs. Their software has allowed our multi-sport facility to streamline it’s internal operations and we would recommend it as the best scheduling program in the country!”

John Burns, Managing Member, Rockville Sportsplex, Dulles Sportsplex, Owings Mills Sportsplex

“EZ Facility EDU completely simplified the scheduling of our facilities and eliminated our problems with scheduling conflicts. We really enjoy using the program.”

Tony Dilts, Associate Director of Facilities & Programs, Western Michigan University

“Thank you so much for the great database and excellent customer service that we have received thus far. We could not be more happy with the product and has saved us countless hours and money spent.”

Chris Greenwell, Manager, SuperSlow Zone, Winter Park, FL

“Thank you for making our jobs easier and our facility look so professional. We appreciate the outstanding support and personal touch that your company provides.”

Chris Scrofani, Williamsburg Indoor Sports Center

“It cut down on the time it takes to generate our leagues by 90%. It’s unbelievable how much time it has saved us. It gives us time to focus on other things, like marketing.”

Kim Crowe, Grand Sports Arena

“You guys are the greatest! I am pleased I made the right decision to purchase your software.”

Clif Everett, Soccerdome

“EZFacility makes managing our cage rentals and lesson programs a breeze. This is one fantastic program!”

Paul Rappoli, RBI Baseball Academy

“I am having a blast working with it and will make our busy time of the year very very easy. Thanks again for creating a great product.”

JP Sanieski, SportsWorld

“We finally decided upon your EZFacility program and we are so pleased with our decision. It is as easy to use as the name sounds and has given us the potential that we needed. I just wanted to drop you a note that it’s GREAT! Thanks Again.”

Skye Kaiss, Gold’s Gym of Regina

“Our customers love the ability to view their schedules and track team standings, and it’s so simple to use.”

Sebastian DiTommaso, Farmington Sports Arena
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