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4 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Teaching Yoga to Beginners

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Teaching yoga for beginners may sound easy, but sometimes it’s actually one of the most challenging classes to teach. If you’re considering adding an entry-level yoga class to your yoga studio, you may be wondering how to go about it and what to focus on. We’re here to help.

Below are four key things to keep in mind when teaching yoga for beginners:

1. Easy Explanations

Every yoga instructor has their own style and vocabulary, but it’s important to remember that those who are new to yoga may not understand the terminology or know how to do common yoga poses, breathing techniques or transitions.  

“The basics” can be complicated for someone who’s never done yoga before, so when you teach yoga for beginners make sure you take the time to explain what you’re talking about in easy to understand language.

Gradually introduce new terms and remember that repetition is key. Most non-yogis probably won’t remember everything you say the first time, so offer gentle reminders and demonstrations.

2. Simple Poses & Transitions

Like we touched on above, it’s good to keep things simple when you’re teaching yoga for beginners. Complex yoga poses and transitions for the sake of aesthetics won’t do any good if your students can’t follow along and may lead them to become frustrated.

Remember to break down yoga poses and transitions step-by-step without using complicated language so your beginners can understand and follow along.

3. Acceptance

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some people just won’t understand what you’re trying to explain—and that’s okay. Accept them for who they are, and as long as they’re not doing something in a way that will cause harm to themselves, let them be.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to yoga, especially when you’re teaching yoga for beginners, so make sure your yoga class offers variety and can accommodate people of varying levels of fitness so no one feels left out.

4. Encouragement

When someone is new to something, chances are they’ll be a little insecure and feeling the pressure to “get it right.”

No one wants to feel like their yoga instructor is frustrated with them because they’re holding up the class or can’t do the moves, so remember to offer your newbies some extra encouragement and assistance.

A little bit of positive reinforcement can go a long way!

You may be surprised by how much teaching yoga for beginners will teach you about yourself and your yoga philosophy. Every class brings new opportunities to share the benefits of yoga with people who are less experienced than you, so remember to be patient and to take your time in order to create a positive experience for your new students.

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