Increase your sales and client retention by using F.A.B.

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Here at EZFacility, we frequently speak with businesses that struggle to increase revenue and clients.  In many scenarios, one big problem is a failure to adequately communicate the services they offer to their clients and prospects.  This can range anywhere from failing to communicate what differentiates their business from the competition, all the way to (and I’m not making this up) not advertising their company’s offerings at all.

Among the many sales and marketing strategies that exist, there is one that has stood the test of time across many industries – F.A.B.  More specifically, Feature Advantage Benefit, a simple concept to guide the way you and your staff communicate your services to, and earn more business from customers.  Your Feature will be easiest to find in your differentiators- unique courses, more courses, pro athletes on staff, newest equipment, 24 hour access.  The Advantage involves explaining why the feature is unique to your business, so the client isn’t playing any guessing games.  The Benefit is expressing the value proposition clearly for the client.  This process encourages you to teach your clients about your business by walking them through what you offer to why they need it in their lives.

As a simple example, let’s draw clientele to XYZ Gym using the FAB framework to promote their unique suspension training classes:

“XYZ Gym’s offers the only suspension training classes in town.  The advantage of XYZ’s suspension training is a total body work out that will increase your strength, flexibility, and core.  What this means to you are more significant fitness results, faster than you would receive elsewhere.”

Obviously, a conversation with an actual prospect or member may require more dynamic dialogue, but the goal should remain the same:  to constantly communicate the value of your offerings to the client.  Give them the story of why you are different and why they should spend their money and time with at business.   Using this methodology becomes even more impactful when you use it to reinforce all of the features that differentiate you from your competition, not just for prospects, but existing clients too (read: retention).

Stay tuned for more tips and information to help with client retention and make your business the best it can be.

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