Is Your Club Primed for Growth with Personal Training? Part 1 of 3

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Software that offers strong personal trainer scheduling and management functionality is gaining attention as a critical component for improving the operational processes that impact your club’s growth on a daily basis. How well your club streamlines its operations, improves trainer productivity, reduces costs and increases profits, will be a determining factor in your facility’s overall future success. With the popularity and revenue gains that club owners have seen with their personal training business in recent years, implementing a powerful club management software and billing system that includes a very strong trainer scheduling and management component has become that critical “must have” for a club of any size.

If you haven’t yet implemented a scheduling and management system within your club (either as a part of your core club management system or on a stand-alone basis), there are a variety of key items for you to consider as you begin the selection process:

  1. Is it user friendly – i.e. can it be used by staff with just novice computer experience?
  2. Does it offer detailed management of training packages and other service offerings?
  3. Does it allow for detailed tracking of trainer payroll, commissions and varying pay rates?
  4. Does it provide personal training specific management reports for club performance & financial analysis?
  5. Does it give your personal training clients access to book new sessions or buy new packages right from your website?
  6. Does it offer the ability to integrate credit card or direct debit functionality so that you can charge your customers for services in real-time? Or better yet, does it offer the option for a full-service billing and collections component as part of the software, so you don’t have to worry about chasing customers for overdue payments?
  7. Can it be accessed from any web-connected computer – both inside your club or out?

A good trainer scheduling and management software system focuses on these sets of issues with an eye on executing and managing them more efficiently on a daily basis. This attention to detail can result in improved operational control, better visibility into your business, improved customer service, and more consistent employee performance.

In the next post in this three part post I will begin to outline the 4 key reasons for implementing a strong personal trainer scheduling and management solution as a component of your club management software.

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