Is Your Club Primed for Growth with Personal Training? Part 2 of 3

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In this second of a three part post I have outlined below two of what I consider four key reasons for implementing a strong personal trainer scheduling and management solution as a component of your club management software:

  1. Improved Operational Control

    The software system selected should provide club owners and trainers with an instantaneous view into daily processes to make sure operations are proceeding smoothly. Is a certain trainer available at a specific time today? Does my 2 o’clock appointment have any pre-existing medical conditions or owe a balance for a prior session or package? These are all questions that should be able to be answered by the new system with a quick glance at the screen or with one click of your mouse. By spotting trouble early each day, small problems can be dealt with or eliminated completely before they have a chance to accumulate and become large ones.
  2. Consistent Performance Reports & Financial Analysis

    A good trainer scheduling and management system enables a real-time view at how your business is performing, which yields reports that are more consistent and accurate in nature. Traditional reports are often out of date by the time they arrive on your manager’s desk, and usually after unexpected problems have already cropped up. A good system should provide customizable reports covering a variety of critical areas such as daily schedules and rosters, invoices, payments & customer statements, payroll reports for export to 3rd-party payroll providers, and management reports for club performance & financial analysis.

In the final post in this series I will outline the final two of the four key reasons.

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