Is Your Club Primed for Growth with Personal Training? Part 3 of 3

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In this final part of a three part post I have outlined below the remaining two of what I consider four key reasons for implementing a strong personal trainer scheduling and management solution as a component of your club management software:

  1. Enhanced Visibility Into Your Business

    A good system will provide the ability to view departmental performance in real-time, yet the power lies in its ability to uncover inefficiencies and provide insight. Creative club owners armed with this information can see how to better monetize facility resources and staff, and help to improve the overall profitability of their club. This information can help to uncover inefficiencies in the use of a trainer’s time each day, as well as help to more quickly and accurately determine when another trainer should be added to the days scheduled, etc. It can also help to identify which trainers are consistently converting free trials into revenue-generating customers, and which trainers are struggling with this extremely critical aspect of their jobs. All of this various information should help club owners and managers answer the key questions that will help them streamline the operations of their training business and improve the revenues derived as a result.
  2. Improved Customer Service

    Real-time visibility into your club’s daily processes also translates into improved customer service for your members. For example, when training clients call in to check on trainer availability, payments owed, or to change an appointment, a good scheduling and management system will provide these answers right at your fingertips – giving the member the answers they need, when they need them. A growing number of club owners are realizing that a powerful trainer scheduling and management system is an ongoing way to deliver enhanced business performance and in turn, significantly improve customer service.

Hopefully the information outlined in this three part post will help to show why researching and implementing a powerful trainer scheduling and management system, either stand-alone or as part of your core club management software solution, is an important process for your facility – and will help to prime your club for long-term growth and success.

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