Local and State Parks Reopen Post-Pandemic

Local and State Parks Reopen Post-Pandemic

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With May coming to a close, sweet summertime is rolling in behind her. And after months of social distance and quarantine, many people cannot wait to go to their local and state parks. They are ready for sunshine, fresh air, swimming, sporting, and just-all-around celebration. So, how should parks prepare for their guests? Here are some safety measures to consider and a couple of resources to check out.


We know being told to clean more might feel a bit redundant at this point but it’s still important to say. While things are beginning to open back up, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet. The pandemic is very much still here, and we need to stay safe. All public facilities play an important part in health and safety.

Go through inventory and stock up on personal protective equipment. Then, map out a new cleaning and sanitizing procedure. Personal protective equipment could mean many things. To start, you want to have plenty of masks, gloves and virus-resistant chemicals.

If you are interested in cleaners that are tough on viruses but are environmentally friendly, start here.

Stay up to Date

Local and state parks are reopening at different rates. So, the rules and regulations could vary between cities and states. Stay up to date with your local and national news to know which directions to follow. 

In general, phase 1 includes the limited reopening of spaces and amenities with safety measures. Social distance and facemasks aren’t entirely going away just yet.

Prepare Staff

The truth is, a majority of the population has been cooped up and not everyone who visits will be in a good mood. You want to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Schedule staff training before you open up to the public. Be ready for every scenario. You might have long lines, upset visitors and uncooperative visitors who don’t want to adhere to safety rules. Help your staff by training them in advance. Walkthrough every different possibility and teach them how to handle each one.

Post Guest Guidelines

Now is a good time to revisit your rules and have your legal department okay them. Many things have changed and you want to be certain your coverage hasn’t. Once you are in the clear, don’t forget to update your website with any new information pertaining to the changes. Also, post clear visuals around your facilities so guests are made aware of them.

Get Management Software Ready

Relieve some of your anxiety by having a parks and recreation management software set up and ready to go prior to reopening. EZFacility’s all-in-one management software application is designed to make your life easier. It will streamline your facility scheduling, inventory management, registration, sales, and more. Meaning, you will have more time to focus on the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

Good luck, stay safe and have a great limited reopening (and keep your fingers and toes crossed for a quick full reopening!).

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