Revenue Categories and Why They Are Important

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A lot of times clients will ask me, “Why is my revenue listed under ‘No Category’?” Or “How can I see the total amount of revenue for a specific service?” The answer is actually very simple – use our Revenue Categories feature.
Revenue Categories will help you group revenue streams and can be assigned to Reservation Types, Membership Types, and Groups – or even manually added to individually billed items. They should be similar to the general ledger codes in QuickBooks and when properly assigned, categories of your services will give you more detailed reporting by separating your sales on the Revenue Report.

Something to keep in mind when creating revenue categories is naming them the same as your services. This will be useful in knowing where your revenue is coming from when viewing the report. If you are running any other accounting reports that use revenue categories such as QuickBooks and you have a general ledger code called “Personal Training,” you should use the same name in EZFacility.
To start setting up your Revenue Categories click here.

  • Login to your EZFacility account
  • Click on Administration –> Revenue Categories
  • Enter a Code & Label
  • Click on Add Category when you’re finished
  • Use this User Guide to help you set up you Revenue Categories

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