EZFacility Software Release: Vaccine Tracking, Membership Docs, & More

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In EZFacility’s latest software release, we are excited to deliver highly-anticipated features while continuing to build on the release of our new user interface earlier this year. Beyond the usability and time-saving advantages, EZFacility’s new user interface is where you’ll find the biggest and best enhancements our team has to offer. Updates in today’s release include vaccination tracking, flexible membership documents, expanded Google Analytics tracking, and email marketing capabilities. Let’s take a deep dive into the enhancements in EZFacility’s most recent release!

Optional Vaccination Tracking* and Check-In Management

Available only in the New EZFacility Experience.

EZFacilty works with businesses in a variety of locations, some of which have to comply with specific regulations regarding COVID-19. As a global software provider, EZFacility is committed to offering tools and solutions to meet the everchanging needs of as many clients as possible while offering the flexibility and control to decide how your business operates.

The optional Vaccine Passport feature—available only in the New EZFacility Experience—allows individual locations to enable a checkbox to record vaccination status on your clients’ profiles. As an optional feature, vaccination tracking will remain disabled and hidden unless you choose to activate it. 

Once enabled, you can configure Vaccine Passport settings to restrict self check-in for unvaccinated clients. You can also display vaccination status to staff when manually checking in members at your front desk.  

Please note that, if you do choose to turn on vaccination tracking, the checkbox will default to unchecked, indicating that the client has not been vaccinated. Make sure to populate this field with up-to-date information before adjusting your check-in settings.

If vaccination tracking is not a part of your location’s process, you can leave the feature deactivated and the checkbox will not appear on your clients’ profiles.

*Note: Regulations regarding the storage of your customers’ vaccination data vary based on location. Please be sure to review the laws and requirements that affect your business. This post is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

Flexible, Self-Service Membership Documents

Available only in the New EZFacility Experience. NOT available in accounts that can switch back to Classic.

In the new EZFacility Experience, Membership Documents have replaced Membership Agreements to transform the way membership contracts are sold through the platform. With Membership Documents, you can create custom Document Templates to tailor your contracts to specific membership plans (here’s how it works).

In this release, we’ve extended the functionality of Membership Documents to contracts sold through your online self-service portal. Now, when clients purchase memberships online, they’ll be prompted to e-sign the custom document associated with the membership option they’ve selected.

This feature is only available to clients who have transitioned fully to the New EZFacility Experience. It will not be available to those who maintain the ability to switch back to Classic. To inquire about transitioning fully to the New EZFacility Experience, please submit a Support Ticket with our team.

Cross-Domain Google Analytics Tracking for Online Registrations 

Available in the New EZFacility Experience and EZFacility Classic.

Many of our clients use Google Analytics to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts for generating online sales. In this release, we’ve enhanced our existing integration with Google Analytics to include cross-domain tracking. This feature allows you to track data across multiple related sites—such as your marketing website and any online registration page(s) you’ve created using EZFacility.

Email Communication in the New EZFacility Experience 

Available in the New EZFacility Experience and EZFacility Classic.

Email is one of the most popular of EZFacility’s marketing features. In this release, we brought an old favorite from EZFacility Classic into the New Experience by allowing users to quickly email a client directly from their profile. Whether it’s to congratulate a member on their most recent workout or invite a prospect to a free class, this feature makes it easier than ever to build personal relationships with every client.

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