Free Weights are Here to Stay!

With all the hype about new, top-of-the-line fitness equipment it’s easy to overlook the value of free weights.

These durable, easy to use, versatile and conveniently portable gym staples still continue to be in high demand in clubs all over the world, and they are not going anywhere.

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Improving the Consumer Experience

What is driving business and influencing every aspect of our daily lives? If you guessed technology, you are absolutely right. A more complicated question then, is how exactly technology is doing this, and how businesses can further capitalize on its effect on consumer behavior.
The fact of the matter is, to keep ahead of the curve; businesses must incorporate technology into their operations. Here are a couple of key factors to consider in order to do this successfully.

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Social Media No No's

I’ve addressed this area before, but I cannot stress enough how crucial social media is to your fitness or sports business. Last time in my blog, 8 Best Practices For Promoting Your Business On Social Media, I spoke about all the tactics you SHOULD be using with your various social media platforms. But, what is also, if not more important, is what you should be making sure NOT to do.

The following is a list of major “DON’Ts” to abide by in the digital space.

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5 Reasons Your Website Is Ineffective

For fitness business owners the month of January could be your busiest time of the year… in fact, statistically, it should be.

We’ve all heard it over and over again, New Year’s resolutions, January rush, people wanting to do something about all the weight they’ve gained over the holidays. And sure, that all makes sense logically but does it translate into tangible results for your business?

● Do you get more web leads?

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