Good Customer Service Results in Higher Member Retention

Providing good customer service is essential for member retention and spreading the (good) word on your club or facility. It’s important to ensure that staff members give meaningful service to your customers in order to show that you value their patronage. There are a few simple steps that gym and facility owners can take in order to deliver excellent customer service.

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Making the Most of Referrals

Take advantage of the good service you deliver to your customers and as a result, the referrals they can provide to you in return. If you have a solid product or service, then making the most out of it should be simple. Referrals are the most promising source for leads, especially coming from a satisfied existing member.

A few tips to making the “Buddy Referral” system work:

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Use Your Computer Software to Increase Revenue

Being a successful business owner means using all available tools and resources at hand. If utilized to its fullest potential, your software can be one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. We encourage you to get to know your software and all its capabilities as this is vital to increasing your revenue.

Here are a few key features that should be utilized to maximize profit:

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