3 Vital Lessons We Learned From Attending HubSpot’s Marketing Event

Nothing beats a good stretch of fresh perspective. Our blog team took a trip for some fresh perspective on the marketing industry and we’re happy to share what we learned with all of you. Take a dive into the marketing world today, join us in our recapand let's get a new perspective on social media together!

Build Your Client Profiles With Social Media

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Social Media and Self Promotion

Congratulations! Your business has been recognized in an extraordinary manner. Whether it be an honorary title, a rave review or newly awarded achievement—it’s a wonderful accomplishment worth sharing. You can certainly make a quick capture of a moment to post for social media or you can apply more strategy to make the content last longer. And why not? It’s a special moment worth remembering!

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Addition of View Details Option on E-mail Campaign History Page and More!

Our Development Team is constantly working to improve your user experience with EZFacility. Between major updates, we release small but important Features and Fixes that address issues and add useful new options/tools to better help you manage your business. These changes are documented in our Release Notes, found in our Support Center under the “Product News & Updates” section.

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Staying Engaged With Customers Wherever They Are

Building good relationships with your customers is less complicated when they’re right in front of you.  Sharing helpful tips and providing encouragement with a friendly smile are easy ways to build a personal connection with your clients.  What is more challenging is maintaining this connection when they are not in your presence.  Keeping your customers engaged and eager to come back requir

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Use Your Computer Software to Increase Revenue

Being a successful business owner means using all available tools and resources at hand. If utilized to its fullest potential, your software can be one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. We encourage you to get to know your software and all its capabilities as this is vital to increasing your revenue.

Here are a few key features that should be utilized to maximize profit:

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Targeted Marketing Campaigns with EZFacility

Make the most out of our software features by going beyond the scheduling, management and billing functions. Because EZFacility software keeps track of your client demographics, clubs can easily identify their largest opportunities for customer-base growth. Our software features top commercial email marketing software that allows you to send emails that are targeted to the right group.

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