Stepping Up the Locker Room Game

Lately, there’s been a lot of locker-room talk in our industry. I don’t mean we’re saying inappropriate things; I mean, literally, we’re talking about locker rooms. It seems that facilities everywhere have begun to rethink the locker room and its centrality to the health, success, mindset, and even the reputation of a sports team. The old model — cold, ugly rooms; small, grey, smelly metal lockers; hard, narrow benches — is going the way of the all-leather soccer ball.

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EZ Features & Fixes - Check Out What's New!

Our Development Team is constantly working to improve your user experience with EZFacility. Between major updates, we release small but important Features and Fixes that address issues and add useful new options/tools to better help manage your business with EZFacility. These changes are documented in our Release Notes, found in our Support Center under the “Product News and Updates” section.

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