Cayan/Genius Benefits

Why Genius?

Genius Payment Processing

Genius is a technology that combines payment processing and customer experience into one cloud-based platform. With Genius, any business can provide a world-class checkout experience to its customers.

Genius Benefits

Processing Payments

Credit Card & ACH Processing


Process Refunds Directly from EZFacility

• Perform an Independent or a Dependent Refund
• Dependent Return: For refund to credit cards tied to a previous transaction
• Independent Return: For refund to credit cards not tied to a previous transaction


Enhanced Data Security

Keep cardholder data off EZFacility’s POS environment and secure your systems with full encryption and tokenization.


Card Account Updater Provided by Genius

• Since EZFacility uses Tokens for transactions, you can utilize the Genius Card Account Updater
• The Card Account Updater automatically retrieves updates from participating card issuing banks when a card number or expiration date changes for a card that is securely stored on the Genius Gateway. So, no more missed payments due to inaccurate card data
• In order to use Card Account Updater, your merchant account must be enrolled in the Card Account Updater program


EMV Terminals can be used with the Genius integration

• NFC enabled for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more.
• Digital signature capture
• Scrolling line-item display
• 7” high-resolution color display

General Inquiries

Accept Any Payment Type

Credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, ACH, gift cards, mobile payments, EBT, HSA and FSA cards.


Speed Up Checkout

Chip card transactions in seconds, making checkout quick and easy.

Unmatched Training and Support

Boost Customer Engagement

Easily engage your customers with offers, rewards, on-screen ads and surveys.

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Customer Support

General Inquiries

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Unmatched Training and Support


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