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Yoga Branding Do's and Dont's

Yoga Branding, Important Do’s and Don’ts

Sorry, Shakespeare. A rose by any other name doesn't smell quite as sweet in the…

7 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

7 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

For most people, it isn't the working out part that gets them. It’s trying to…

Business Plan for Yoga Studio

Business Plan for Yoga Studio

The first step to opening any business is creating a business plan. You might think…

Yoga Trends

Yoga Trends

People have been taking a seat at their yoga mats for thousands of years. Whether…

How to Open A Yoga Studio

How to Open a Yoga Studio

Opening a successful yoga studio is similar to opening a gym, except there's a little…


How To Clean Gym Mats and Fitness Floor Surfaces

You’ve freed up some of your workload by installing a Gym Management Software. (Go you!)…