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EZFacilitys’ partner list is ever-growing as we continue to seek companies that similarly match our commitment to transforming how our clients attract, manage and engage their customers.

97Display is a leading provider of effective website solutions and digital marketing services for health, fitness, and sports businesses globally. EZFacility has teamed up with 97 Display to offer clients a powerful lead generating website and marketing tools which seamlessly integrate into their facility management software.

Authentic8 ID Solutions is the premier supplier of customized RFID cards, key fobs, stickers, and wristbands, as well as barcode & magstripe plastic cards and keytags. Partnering with EZFacility, Authentic8 has developed a combination of RFID readers and securely encoded ID products to integrate with EZFacility’s platform for easy member check-in.

Offer members safe, 24/7 access to your facility with EZFacility’s integrated partner Brivo Systems. Control your access system online at anytime, from anywhere, set staff access permissions for specific resources, receive notifications for invalid facility access attempts, and more with Brivo’s cloud-based access control systems.

Elevate your payment processing with EZFacility’s preferred merchant services provider, Constellation Payments. The Constellation Payments’ platform is designed to streamline and simplify payment processing, while helping to increase sales volume and revenue for businesses of all sizes.

Passport Technologies offers state-of-the-art solutions designed to help businesses improve their operations and security while reducing fraud. Through the partnership between EZFacility and Passport, businesses will have the opportunity to improve the access management of operations as well as the front reception experience of their members. 

Perkville is a revolutionary service that empowers any local business to create a loyalty program in minutes. Perkville is free for members to join and offers monthly subscription plans for businesses. Perkville integrates with EZFacility to help businesses grow by awarding loyalty points to members for actions such as Check-Ins, Referrals, Birthdays and more.

At the forefront of industry innovation with the experience and expertise to take on any project, Plastic Printers is a global leader in plastic printing and design. EZFacility partners with Plastic Printers to provide clients easy solutions at competitive prices for member key cards, POS hardware, ID card printers, and more.

QuickBooks is a powerful, longstanding accounting software that provides robust solutions for businesses to manage their financials. EZFacility integrates with QuickBooks Online to deliver a streamlined accounting process to their clients and allow businesses to quickly and securely track their financials. 

Smartwaiver delivers a simple and secure solution to the waiver signing process. Clients can sign waivers digitally through their own electronic device at their convenience or on a tablet at your business location. In partnership with EZFacility, clients can sync their Smartwaiver data directly to their EZFacility account.

Textmunication is a leading mobile marketing solution provider helping thousands of clients improve engagement, retention, and loyalty with their members. Through their partnership, Textmunication offers clients a white label solution of advanced online tools to reach their members, build brand recognition and increase marketing ROI through targeted SMS messages and campaigns. 

Rapid Gun Systems is a certified NCR Counterpoint POS reseller and systems integrator, designed to maintain ATF compliance while remaining affordable and scalable for gun stores and shooting ranges. Rapid Gun Systems’ POS is fully integrated with EZFacility to provide a complete and seamless range and membership management experience.

A leader in the Strength and Conditioning and Applied Sports Science industries, CoachMePlus provides a robust coaching management software to safely help coaches, trainers, and athletes prepare for competition and achieve their fitness goals. EZFacility partners with CoachMePlus to offer clients a powerful solution to gain better insight into athlete and member performance.

Trainingym provides technology with a powerful combination of easy-to-use and in-depth features. With Trainingym’s branded app and software solution, gyms are equipped with specialized tools such as 3-d workout videos, body composition analysis, and satisfaction surveys that help members reach their goals and stay engaged. Through our partnership, Trainingym helps EZFacility clients build and grow their business through member loyalty, club productivity, and communication strategies.

Identity One’s IDlink provides cardless check-in and 24/7 indoor/outdoor access control, using finger biometrics, designed to be an immediate drop-in replacement for your current means of member check-in. IDlink is a value add-on for your existing EZFacility membership management software.

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