EZFacility Management Software Features

Make the Most of EZFacility’s Management Software Features

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Things are finally getting back to normal and most fitness businesses are allowed to operate again—hooray! We recently revisited the benefits of using fitness facility management software, highlighted our new Zoom Integration and Video Library features, and provided a list of resources for EZFacility customers, so we figured now is a good time to give a quick rundown of some of our core features to make sure you’re getting the most from our comprehensive SaaS solution.

Fitness Facility Scheduling & Management

Let’s start with three key benefits: our all-in-one fitness facility management software is secure, scalable and always accessible. That means whether you’re at home or on the go, you can trust us to make sure your customers’ data is safe, their interactions are secure, and your facility is protected. And because EZFacility’s features are designed to support the needs of fitness businesses of all sizes, our software can be tailored to support your specific needs.

Our fitness facility scheduling and management features centralize and consolidate the process of scheduling physical resources, classes, clinics, and rentals into a color-coded schedule. Not only does this allow you to locate available resources at-a-glance, our resource utilization reports ensure your facility is working to capacity.

Membership Management

EZFacility’s membership management tools make it easy to create custom membership plans, manage relationships, sell services online, assign plastic or RFID member cards, track payments, and automate text and email reminders to reduce client delinquencies.

POS & Inventory Management

Our POS and inventory management features allow you to manage point-of-sale products from a desktop or mobile device, monitor product levels, automate reorder alerts, manage online or in-house coupon codes, and report on product profitability.

Sports League Management

Whether you’re scheduling an even number of teams, an odd number of teams, single BYE’s, or back-to-back double headers, our league management software can create complex league and tournament schedules in minutes. Keep games running on time with referee assignments, printable scorecards, and photo ID cards for player verification.

Self Service Client Portal

Our Self-Service Client Portal allows clients to update payment information, pay outstanding balances, schedule sessions, purchase packages or memberships, register their kids for summer camp or soccer clinics, and more—all online, and all on their own.

Marketing Tools

EZFacility’s marketing tools can help you manage advanced email marketing campaigns to develop new customer relationships or nurture leads throughout the buying process. Our automated email and text message functions also ensure clients receive the right information at the most opportune time.

Text Message Automation

EZMessaging can help you schedule single or multiple future campaigns or assist with billing collections by sending automated reminders. With a 97% read rate within 3-5 minutes and custom short code keywords, our text message automation makes it easier than ever to connect and converse with members.

Self Check-in

With a range of options that include mobile or RFID member cards, biometric scans, and unique identifiers, our Self Check-in feature allows clients to check themselves into your facility or into classes from a tablet, kiosk or desktop computer. 

Extensive Report Suite

EZFacility’s extensive report suite offers an in-depth look under the hood of your business. This includes quick and easy access to financial, point-of-sale, marketing, payroll, membership, training reports, and more. Export reports in a variety of file types, including .csv, .pdf, .xlsx.

Learn More

In this blog we’ve only covered a few of the many features and benefits EZfacility can offer. For a more detailed list of features designed to support your sports and fitness business, click here.

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