6 Ways to Boost Gym Revenue During Covid-19

6 Ways to Boost Gym Revenue During Covid-19

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Covid-19 is here and your gym is closed down for safety measures. So, you’ve moved classes online with various chat platforms and EZFacility’s new video library feature. But now what?

You’re absolutely right! Keeping members motivated and classes rolling are two important areas to focus on. But, you’ll still need to safeguard your long term goals. You can do this by bringing in steady revenue despite what’s going on.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of ideas that have worked for some of our other gym owners. Check them out and see if you spot anything you think might work for you too.

Discount Memberships

Don’t be afraid to temporarily discount your memberships and services right now. Especially as members make the move online with you.

It doesn’t lessen the value of your product at all. Instead, it allows members to hang on to their memberships during these uncertain financial times. It also makes sure you still have steady money coming in.

Rent Out Equipment

If you don’t want to discount your memberships just yet, you can look for enticing perks to offer up instead. One thing to offer existing members is the ability to rent out your gym equipment, for free! It could make working out from home that much easier -or enjoyable- for them. And again, it gives them an extra incentive to hang on to their membership.

Bonus Classes

While new sign-ups might be far and few between in the coming weeks, they aren’t impossible. So, don’t get discouraged.

Entice new members by offering a bonus with their sign-up.  For example, a package of 10 extra sessions that don’t include an expiration date. It’s something for them to cash in whenever things get back to normal. (And they will!)  You could also keep your referral program going strong with the same kind of idea.

Gift Certificates

Offer gift certificates that work like bonds. Meaning, whatever amount your customer chooses to purchase now can be used for higher value later.  

What this does is, it puts immediate money into your institution and keeps you going, with the promise of more worth to the customer later on. And who doesn’t want more when it comes to the gym? More classes, more personal sessions, and more merchandise? Yes, please!

Private Video Calls / 1-on-1 Sessions

Speaking of personal training sessions, another thing you can offer is private video calls. You’re likely already streaming free sessions to spark interest for new members and regular classes for existing members. So, how about tossing some 1-on-1 time into the mix for an additional fee?

If your area isn’t on lockdown and you and your clients are comfortable with it, you could even offer 1-on-1 sessions in person. Since, they are way safer than group sessions.

These are just some of the ideas you can use to continue bringing money to your gym. Have you tried any yet? Let us know what’s been working for you.

Outdoor Workout Ideas

Outdoor Workout Ideas

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With gym facilities closing across the country due to the Coronavirus, gym-goers are worried about how they will do their daily exercises. The truth is, many of them are used to gym life. They feel most comfortable with guidance and group settings. And they’re probably unsure of how to keep busy at home without the proper equipment or instruction.

As their gym owner, you can greatly reduce their worries by doing a few things:

  1. Stay connected through emails and texts with the help of your management software
  2. Temporarily move your classes online
  3. Give them alternative tips for staying busy in the interim, like some easy outdoor workouts.

Even for the most in-shape athlete, it only takes a matter of weeks to lose some or all of that hard-earned progress. And since no one knows for certain how long the coronavirus will be hanging around, it’s important to keep moving at home. Again, let your members know you’re offering online classes but, also give them ideas for working out on their own too.

Yes, social distancing means you shouldn’t be out in groups. That’s because the virus is able to spread from just a few feet of distance. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside.

Check in with your members regularly. If they are feeling antsy being cooped up indoors, encourage them to take their workouts to their yards. It will give them some much needed natural vitamin D, serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and so much more.

Here are ideas to offer them (and to practice yourself!):

  • Walk with the family after meals
  • Go on a virtual walk/jog with a friend on Facetime
  • Lay a blanket in the grass and do yoga sequences
  • Get a little cardio and strength training going with gallons of water and canned goods in place of dumbbells
  • Take a spin around the neighborhood on bicycles
  • Swim several laps in the pool
  • Dust off the old jump rope
  • Create a ninja warrior obstacle course in the backyard
  • Visit a local park or beach (if they’re still open and aren’t crowded)
  • Take a hike

What kinds of outdoor workouts have you been doing at home? Share your ideas in our comments. After all, we are all in this together!

Tell us what you miss the most about being at the gym, we want to hear that too! Is it the instructors, a specific class, the snacks, social hour- or all of the above?

3 Ideas for Turning Your Gym Virtual During Covid-19

3 Ideas for Turning Your Gym Virtual During Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to spread throughout the country. Each day, more and more businesses are temporarily closing their doors; Among them are gyms.

Social distancing might be one of our best chances of slowing the spread of the virus. But that doesn’t make the upheaval to daily routines any less irritating. Dedicated gym-goers are looking for ways to maintain their sense of normalcy.

Everyone knows the gym is about way more than physical benefits. It’s about the social and emotional ones as well. So, how do you keep your members moving and connected during this stressful time? The answer is by utilizing the wonderful world wide web.

That’s right- the Coronavirus may have taken our toilet paper but it didn’t take our streaming networks. And it doesn’t have to take your muscle tone or fitness community either. For the time being, consider virtually running your gym with these tips.

Live Sessions

You can take the members out of the gym but you can’t take the gym out of the members! That means, your members should have no problem following you to an online setting for the time being. Especially since almost every household owns at least one computer or cellphone. They can easily jump on for a class and will likely be eager to do so. All you have to do is set one up and announce it across your social media and emails.

If you aren’t sure where to start, there are a ton of platforms available to you. Google Hangouts, Zoom, Discord, Skype and Facebook Live are all good options.

Skype is good for a more intimate class number. Google Hangouts and Zoom each have the ability to accommodate 100 people and more. Discord is perfect for running many channels and classes at the same time. Facebook Live is great when you want to share quick tips, moves or announcements but don’t need to see your audience. The rest let you interact with them.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

In addition to live classes, consider offering pre-recorded lessons too. Nobody knows for sure how long this situation will last. It’s upsetting, we know! But, preparing material for users to access whenever they like could be a real lifesaver. Your members will appreciate having extra workouts at their fingertips to keep their minds and bodies busy.

If you’ve been thinking of creating a Youtube channel, here’s your opportunity. You can choose to give clients exclusive access or leave your videos open to the public. Opening them up for all viewers could lead to a larger following and potential new member sign-ups when you get back inside your gym.

Blog Tips

Startup a blog or vlog where you can talk about anything you feel is interesting and relevant to the times. Things like tips and tricks for how to get moving with limited home space and supplies or, how to keep your body fueled with what’s in your pantry.

Another idea is to line up some beginner tutorials for anyone looking to safely test out a new indoor exercise such as yoga or dance. A lot of people are interested in learning something new but don’t normally have the time to do so. However, right now most everyone is at home and able to learn.

Gym owners, we know you can’t wait for things to get back to normal and to be operating from your gyms. In the meantime, we wish you every success in making the most of the current situation. Check back for more updates!

Fitness and Gym Questionnaire Tips

Fitness and Gym Questionnaire Tips

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As a gym owner, you’re bound to have a lot of questions about your services and how you’re performing, and who better to ask them to than your gym members, right? After all, they are with you each day and night and they likely have some beneficial feedback. It could help you identify what you’re doing right and what you need to improve on. The problem is, how do you ask them?

The answer is- with some questionnaires and surveys.

Questionnaires and surveys might sound like a big ask, but they don’t have to be. You can keep them quick and concise and even offer incentives for doing them, if you want.

They are great tools to use and can help you in two major ways. Not only do they gather important information, but they also make your fitness club members feel like their opinions are valued (because they are!). Both of those things combined lead to happier customers and can help increase retention.

Incoming Member Surveys

Why not kick it off with an entrance survey?

It can be short and sweet and still tell you a lot about what you want to know. Like, how your new member found you and if they are brand new to working out or if they are a seasoned pro. It can also help you to understand why they left another fitness center and what they hope to gain from their experience with you.

Are you curious about what inspired them to reach out to you in the first place? That can be asked on an incoming survey as well. It’s never a bad idea to find out if your marketing efforts are getting good reach or if they happened upon you by chance.

Fitness Goal Questionnaires

Most people sign up for the fitness club with a specific goal in mind. So, ask them what theirs is!

When you know your member’s goals and what motivates them, you can better map out your class schedule and calendar of events with that information in mind. Maybe it will even allow you to uncover a trend worth looking into such as a new piece of equipment or a new class.

Knowing your members interests also helps you to curate special push-notifications and nurture emails on your software management program.

Teacher/Class Evaluations

Members start the gym for several reasons but ultimately they stay for one: the way they feel when they’re in the gym environment. A big part of that has to do with great customer service and the interaction they receive with your teachers during classes. Great customer service is a big deal.

Teacher and class evaluations can tell you which ones are preferred, why or why not, and if they are able to follow along, feel comfortable asking questions and if they’re being challenged enough.

General Feedback

A general survey is just you checking in with your members and helping you to create happier customers. You’re saying, “I’m happy you’re here and I hope you’re enjoying your time with us but if there is something we can be doing to make it even better, we’re all ears.”

Ask them how often they come, how they feel about parking, cleanliness, gym equipment, member perks, how you could increase referrals, and if there’s anything else they want to mention.

One Question Surveys

One-question surveys are exactly that—a super simple survey with one direct question on it such as, “Did you enjoy the new class tonight?”

Members appreciate one question surveys because they’re quick and to the point and they never feel like a chore.

Cancellation Surveys

No one likes to see their customers cancel but you can turn it into a positive by learning something from it.

Sometimes, people leave the gym for circumstances out of your control like they simply need to cut back on their finances or they’re moving out of state. But if it turns out it does have something to do with your studio, a cancellation survey can address it so you can fix it for other members moving forward and increase retention. 

Ask them what the best and worst parts were about their time with you and how likely they’d be to recommend you to their friends.

Have fun creating your surveys, we know they will bring you some good information about your business and hopefully increase referrals.

How to Market Martial Arts To Adults

How to Market Martial Arts To Adults

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The benefits of martial arts are endless. Not only do they help build up physical endurance, but they also teach discipline, confidence, and moral values. For these reasons, a lot of people are quick to enroll their kids in classes. (Which is never a bad thing!) However, many adults can also gain something from those same lessons.

School owners, are you interested in getting more adult students to sign up for your martial arts classes? We want to help you. There are ways to make your classes more appealing to adult students like by offering a free trial or adding in some evening classes. Read more here.

Plan it Right

You’ve heard it before: timing is everything.

Sometimes, adults are interested in learning but can’t make it to class at the regular scheduled time. That’s where child students have it pretty easy; They can join an after-care or summer martial arts program. Whereas, adult students have jobs and lives to maintain. Which is why finding the time to make it to a class is much harder.

Start by offering several evening classes. The later time slots should allow them ample time to fight traffic home, take care of their family responsibilities and still get to class on time.

Offer Family-Friendly Options

Many parents might jump at the idea of joining a martial arts class if they are able to bring their kids with them. Many parents don’t have anyone to watch their kids or don’t feel comfortable being away from them for a long time. You can help solve this problem in a couple of ways:

  • Offer evening daycare services at your facility for the children of your students. That way, while the parents are getting their workout in, the kids are doing homework, watching movies, or participating in other activities with a certified childcare worker.
  • Encourage family bonding time and advertise “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” sessions where the kids can work out alongside their parents.

Run Different Promotions

Consider running different promotions geared toward adult groups. Generally speaking, kids don’t have a problem jumping into new settings and making friends. But adults tend to be more reserved and feel safest in numbers. Offering them the opportunity to bring along a group of friends, or a partner, could make all the difference for a lot of people who are scared to show up alone.

  • Group discounts:  If it’s a shyness factor, a group discount could be appealing for many martial arts students. For someone who has never done a martial arts class before, they might feel less uncomfortable being surrounded by a group of friends.
  • Couple Classes:  In martial arts, there are many times you get teamed up with a partner. Imagine being able to bring your partner with you. It could turn what would’ve been an awkward evening into a fun date-night routine.
  • Word of mouth advertising: Referral programs are great for everyone involved! Chances are, your students are already doing word of mouth advertising for you anyway because martial arts lessons are a ton of fun. So, why not offer them an incentive to tell more of their friends?
  • Free trial: This is for the person who knows about the benefits of martial arts but is still on the fence about joining. A free trial could be the push that’s needed to get started. It doesn’t have to be a long time offer, just a couple of free passes.
  • Charity event: Hosting a charity event where all of the guests are invited to participate in martial arts lessons could definitely spark some interest.

School owners, good luck on finding more adult martial arts students. One last tip is to be sure to include social media in your marketing efforts. Social media can help you pinpoint the target audience you are looking for.

Eco-friendly gym ideas from EZ Facility

Environmentally Friendly Gym Ideas

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With more and more people turning to eco-friendly living, businesses are also starting to take an interest; This includes gym studios. Eco-friendly gyms are on the rise.

Believe it or not, gyms can have a huge impact on how to reduce the carbon footprint, especially in the United States, where there are more gyms than any other place in the world. Many are taking up this initiative because they understand the health of the planet directly impacts the quality of our health as well. So, if you’re a gym owner who is curious about ways of applying greener living to your health club, you are in the right place.

In this post, you will discover how eco-friendly gyms are choosing to live more intently. Find quick tips from how to pick out gym equipment and cleaning supplies all the way to why light bulbs and rubber floors make a difference. Here are 3 key things to pay attention to when learning to become more environmentally conscious so you can cut down on your energy bills.

The Three R’s

You might have heard of the three big r’s of going green: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The idea is to alleviate the amount of garbage being hauled off to already overflowing landfills. All you have to do is cut down on what you buy and then give more life to those items.

  • As you know, plastic water bottles are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to waste. Trade them out and sell reusable ones (with your logo!) in their place.
  • Offer a water fountain with a bottle filler for members to replenish their bottles.
  • Set up a trash/recycle/compost bin.
  • Limit your paper use and install a software management program like EZFacility. It can help manage sign-ups, waivers, class scheduling, pop-up events and more.
  • Consider second-hand gym equipment instead of brand new.
  • Upcycle everyday items and learn how to turn them into effective gym tools.
  • Offer a selection of gently used workout clothes for sale in your merchandise shop that has either been donated by other members or hand-picked by you.
  • Learn about recycled rubber and see if it’s a good option for your flooring. Not only is recycled rubber easier to manufacture and low on cost, but it also saves many old tires from winding up at the landfill. Research carefully though, as there are some drawbacks, including the smell and potential allergies.
  • Bleach, ammonia and formaldehyde can irritate the eyes, skin and lungs. Replace harmful cleaning supplies with all-natural options like baking soda and vinegar.
  • Instead of cleaning wipes for personal mats, offer spray bottles, natural cleaners, essential oils, and reusable microfiber cloths. 

Power Down

Some of the easiest changes to start making at your health club have to do with energy efficiency.

  • Swap regular light bulbs with LED ones and save on energy bills right away. They live longer, don’t overheat and are up to 90% more efficient.
  • Be mindful of water usage. One flush on an older model toilet can use double the number of gallons of water than a low-flow toilet would.
  • Install a smart thermometer to help regulate your studio temperature by preprogramming when you want it to shut off.  
  • Occasionally turn off the air-conditioner all together and open the windows for cross ventilation instead. Only when it makes sense, for example, on cooler, breezier days. You don’t want anyone to overheat.
  • Since you don’t need technology plugged in when it’s not in use, be sure to power down every night during close, or even between classes.

Partner Up

It’s smart to partner up with other companies who are aligned with the same goals as you. It helps you stay on track and also makes your overall mission in reducing your carbon footprint easier. Bonus points if they’re local because supporting your local mom and pop is always cool.

  • Opt for eco-friendly flooring companies who offer rubber floors.
  • Same for your environmentally friendly gym equipment.
  • Purchase sustainable snacks with smart and ethical packaging.
  • Replace your bathroom soaps with better-for-you artisanal ones. 
  • Include stainless steel reusable straws to sell alongside your cups.
  • Team up with a reusable bag company for your swag bags at events.

With this list, you will be part of the eco-friendly gyms club in no time at all and gym goers will take notice. Kudos to you for going green!

Yoga Resources For Teachers in 2020

Yoga Resources For Teachers in 2020

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Like many jobs in the fitness industry, running a yoga studio can require a yoga instructor to wear several different hats. On top of planning classes, teaching them, and training employees, they also have to grow a business, keep certifications up to date and squeeze in some practice time of their own. Fortunately, there are many great yoga resources for teachers to be able to accomplish all of those things and more. Just ask the universe (and EZFacility) and you shall receive! In this post, here are some of the top ones we recommend starting with.

The Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Alliance is one of the very first resources you will uncover as a teacher. It’s the place where you will go to get registered as a yoga instructor. It’s also where you can connect with one of the largest yoga teacher associations in the yoga community. On the site you will find organizational tools for keeping track of teacher training and credentials as well as endless articles, videos, online workshops, teaching tips, sequencing tips, yoga events and more.

90 Monkeys

90 Monkeys is an online resource created by yoga teachers for other yoga teachers. Co-founders, Amy Ippoliti and Taro Smith wanted something where people could collaborate together in the community because they know it takes an army. 90 Monkeys works super hard to help others thrive in their lives and in their yoga studies. They have taught several online courses to people in many different countries. On their site, you will find a variety of different courses available for enrollment.

Yoga U Online

Online tutorials are great but sometimes you aren’t able to sit down in front of the computer like you’d like to. So, how about listening to something on the go instead? That’s where Yoga U Online’s free podcasts come in handy. They cover a pretty broad range of topics for every level yogi.

Yoga Leader Retreat

Walk away from a yoga retreat feeling spiritually rejuvenated. It’s a pretty magical thing getting together with a group of people who want to share their minds, souls and yoga poses with one another. Any retreat has important takeaways. However, there are retreats created specifically for teachers where all of the activities are heavily focused on teacher training, growth and development.

Yoga Expo

If you can’t get away for a big chunk of time, be on the lookout for a yoga expo happening in your area. Not only are they a lot of fun to attend, but you can also learn quite a few things from them too.

Walk around and discover new industry props, sample healthy snacks and products, and participate in other yoga classes. Participating in another teacher’s class gives you hands-on experience and potentially some new techniques and sequencing to implement in your own classroom. Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat!

The Yoga Journal

The Yoga Journal is for the everyday yogi. For the last 50 years, they have been helping people keep their minds, bodies, and spirits healthy on and off their yoga mat. They show you how to apply the art in your everyday life.

On their site, they have a little something for everyone.  There are great reads, appetizing recipes, yoga poses and inspirational playlists. In addition, teachers will discover an entire tab devoted to them with tips from some of the top players in the industry.

Have fun getting started with these yoga resources for teachers. Use one or use them all. Whatever speaks the loudest to you. This is just the beginning of possibilities. Namaste. 

Incentive Programs for Fitness Centers

Incentive Programs for Fitness Centers

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Working on marketing efforts and getting your gym’s name out there is never a bad idea. Yes, absolutely make those announcements and throw those events. Woo! And hey, have a great time doing it because prospective members can’t help but take notice.

But, when you’re ready to shift gears, we have other ideas we think you might like. These ideas will focus less attention on gaining new members and more attention on retaining your existing ones. After all, member retention is going to be your overall end game. So, in this post are some incentive programs to consider implementing in your fitness center that will help you achieve exactly that.

Referral Programs

A referral program is at the top of this gym incentive list because it doesn’t take much work to kick off and members love it. The best referral program typically credits both parties: the referrer and the recipient but the options are endless.

Members love referral programs because, when you’re proud of your gym, you’re likely already telling all of your friends to check it out. So, being offered brownie points to do something you’re doing anyway is like icing on the cake.

A good referral program does many things for you as the gym owner also. It saves you a few dollars on your marketing budget because your amazing members are helping you with your word-of-mouth efforts and enrollment. It also points out the areas you need improvement on if you discover your members don’t want to refer you.

Friendly Games

There’s nothing like a little good ol’ fashioned, friendly competition to get members pumped up on physical activity. It’s true. If you turn their gym experience into a game, it could motivate them to stick around longer until they’ve reached their goals. It’s the same way playing music is proven to keep members engaged in physical activity for longer.

All you need is a few basic rules and a way to track member’s points, for instance, on your management software. It can be done in different ways, like rewarding the first member to hit so many miles on the treadmill, beast so many push-ups, or tackle the first x amount of pounds.

The reward could be a small gift card or store merchandise. If your budget won’t allow you to do a gift card, even just bragging rights will work. Create a special champion belt for your member to wear out one evening or give them designated front row parking for a month. Both ideas are impactful but inexpensive gestures.

Exclusive Events

Who doesn’t want to be invited to VIP events? Uh, nobody.

You have to admit there is something enticing about being offered a members only exclusive perk at enrollment. People will be saying, “Ooh, sign me up!” And the events don’t have to be done inside of the gym either. You can poll your members monthly to see which types of places they recommend. Then ultimately, you decide what you’d like to offer: some appetizers at a restaurant, the first round of drinks at the bar, the first few games of bowling, etc.

Member Recognition

At a small gym, members become more like family. And what’s one way to show family members how important they are to you? By remembering those special dates and occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The same is true of your gym members.

Shout out birthdays, gym sign-up anniversaries and milestone achievements. You can create special display boards with their names and pictures and include them in your monthly newsletter too. They will love and appreciate all the love and attention.


Love thy neighbor- and then promote them inside your gym! You can team up to trade services and products or work out a deal for your members to receive their discounts. Ideally, you want to partner with brands who align with your values and health mission.

When creating incentive programs for your fitness center there are many possibilities. If you have any tried and true practices we’d love for you to share your experiences with us in the comments.

Opening a Crossfit Gym

Opening a CrossFit Gym Checklist

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If you are researching information on how to open your own CrossFit gym, then you are in the right place. In this post, you will find a quick CrossFit checklist to run through. Similar to opening any other gym, you want to make sure you have the right location and equipment and proper startup costs. This checklist will touch on all of those items and help you get started.

Do you have the right location?

Location is big when opening a gym, because as you know, there are things to consider like if it’s in a central enough area and if people are able to find it okay. Then, there are questions about the building itself like–is it sandwiched between other businesses and will you need to do any remodeling?

However, location is especially important when opening up a CrossFit box. You have people climbing ropes, dropping barbells and dumbbells all over the floor, tossing wall balls, doing walking handstands and push-ups, etc.

Here are some things to consider when looking for your perfect CrossFit business:

  • Are you alone in the building or do you have neighbors?
  • If you have neighbors, are you on an end or sandwiched between them?
  • Is there a way to sound-proof or mask some of the noise?
  • Are the ceilings high enough for rope climbing workouts?

Is there room to grow?

This one goes along with the part about selecting a location suitable for CrossFit activities. If you’re teetering between starting small or big, here is food for thought.

It’s true, they do call it a “CrossFit box”. While we agree it could be financially wise of you to start off with a more modest space since you don’t know how your small business will take off. We also know there’s a lot going on in a CrossFit gym and you need sufficient space. There are pros to going bigger right away, as long as you are comfortably within your budget range.

  • Are you able to envision many different athletes doing their workouts all at the same time, without being in each other’s way or getting hurt?
  • If you have your heart set on a smaller space, is there an available space next door?
  • If not, is there a way to put your name on a first dibs list, for future expansion  opportunities?

What type of equipment do you need?

Startup costs can add up quickly. While most of the purchases are necessary and have set prices, like in the case of legal fees and certifications, there are a couple of other ways to cut down costs. One of the biggest ones is by being extra careful with your equipment expenses. Gym equipment alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, if bought brand new. So, make sure to take your time researching this area.

  • What are the essential items you need to start?
  • What items can wait to be purchased at a later date?
  • Do you plan to buy or lease equipment?
  • Have you considered buying secondhand pieces from the internet? Ex: eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace

We hope this CrossFit checklist helps you get started on the right foot with your small business. If you’ve already started your own list and have something to add, let us know in the comments.

Yoga Branding Do's and Dont's

Yoga Branding, Important Do’s and Don’ts

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Sorry, Shakespeare. A rose by any other name doesn’t smell quite as sweet in the 21st century when there are plenty of other better-looking roses waiting to out smell you. Names do matter and branding is vital.

Branding is when a company creates a name and design specifically for themselves. It’s a visual representation to help set any business apart from the rest so customers can distinguish their products. Branding can either attract or repel customers and increase or decrease business value.

This is especially true in the yoga community right now, where there is a ton of competition. And the market is expected to double within the next year alone. Meaning, upcoming yoga business owners have much to think about. Like, how they plan to showcase their uniqueness for the world. Make sure you’re doing it right. Here are some dos and don’ts for your studio brand.

DON’T Be Impatient or Make Hasty Decisions

Good things take time and first impressions are everything. You want to put your best foot forward.

The many facets of branding include:

·      logo

·      color

·      typography

·      imagery

·      voice

·      actions

·      marketing

Start with your logo because it’s the first thing people encounter. You don’t want to rush this step. Take your time, play around with all your options and consider hiring a designer. You might not think you need one but typically, it’s better to spend the money on this step than skimp or cut corners. Logos appear on everything from yoga studios and merchandise to business cards, banners, flyers, social media and much more.

Rebranding, later on, isn’t necessarily a death sentence for a business. But, it does require more work later on than if you just took your time coming up with one you love in the first place, and were consistent across the board.

DO Your Research

If you are still feeling overwhelmed with what you need to come up with, take a peek at your competitors. Find out who they are and what they are doing right or wrong. And take a look at some bigger brands also, even if they aren’t directly related to your playing field. There’s always a lesson to take away.

DON’T Get Hung up on Competition

Find out who the competition is but don’t become obsessed over it. After all, this is about why you’re different. And if you spend too much time looking at someone else’s product, you could accidentally end up very similar, or worse, feeling discouraged.

DON’T Ignore Color

Color choice is important in any design. There is research to prove how it affects the human mind, body, and emotions. It’s even more important when creating a yoga business. Yoga studios are meant to be a safe space to relax and open up in. You want to make your clients feel drawn in and comfortable.

When you think of hues in the red, orange, and yellow families, they are all things associated with the sun and fire. As a result, you likely imagine warmth, energy, and enthusiasm. Blues and purples give feelings of being cool, or calm. Green is mostly tied to good health and good fortune. But beware, there are shades that can make you green with envy the same way certain shades of red and yellow can leave you angry or discontent.

DO Pick a Brand Voice

Like color, your brand’s voice plays a big role in the way you are viewed and how well you are received. Because you already know your target market and are familiar with the yoga community and lifestyle, this one should be relatively easy.

DON’T Forget About Your Personal Brand

Don’t forget about your personal brand. Who you are as the owner is as significant as what your facility stands for as a whole. For one, be authentic. This shouldn’t only be a job for you. Again, it should be your lifestyle. You’ve heard the saying, “Practice what you preach.”

And second, never stop learning. Stay at the top of your game and in the know by attending workshops and speaking with colleagues and mentors often. These things will help you deepen your practice.

DO Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Your studio brand, voice, personal brand, yoga teachers and social media should be aligned at all times. Yes, mix-up your classes from time to time to keep things exciting and fresh, but the way you leave people feeling after their visit should always be the same. If any part of the whole dynamic ever feels the slightest bit off, your customers will be able to feel it. And then your credibility, authenticity, and business could be affected.

Hold regular training with your yoga teachers to go over company news and share feedback together. Your employees are more likely to have pride in their work and feel like part of the family if your vision is clear and it’s one they can stand behind. The same goes for customers.

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