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Text Messaging Solution

Connect with members instantly and directly where they are most comfortable – their text message inbox.

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What is EZMessaging?

EZMessaging is EZFacility’s official text messaging solution, powered by Textmunication.

Focused on streamlining member and lead communications within the fitness industry, EZMessaging provides another avenue of contact for gyms and fitness centers to connect and engage with members.

Whether for billing decline alerts and collections, promotional communication, or simple happy birthday messages, EZMessaging offers advanced online text messaging tools for gyms and fitness centers to reach members with immediacy, while simultaneously building brand recognition and increasing ROI.


Where is the value?

The leading value of SMS communication is instant member engagement.

99% of fitness center and gym operators who use SMS in their marketing campaigns see a return on investment within 30 days.

The same operators report recouping 92% of their billing decline revenue within those same 30 days.

SMS communication is extremely vital in today’s fitness industry. If you’re a gym or fitness center owner or operator, there isn’t a more powerful, efficient way to communicate with members.


Did You Know?

0 %

of SMS text messages are opened and read immediately

0 %

of leads captured through SMS
keyword and short code campaigns
convert into memberships

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