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EZLeagues Software Release: New Features for League Websites

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You told us you wanted simple, mobile-friendly league websites, and we listened. This release is focused on improving your players’ online experience—especially when using mobile devices. Enhancements include mobile-optimized table views for league schedules and standings, an easy-to-use calendar tool, and responsive styling. This means that viewing league updates, scores, and standings on-the-go just got that much easier!  

Mobile-Optimized Table Views for Schedules and Standings  

While tables make it easy to see game schedules and team standings at a glance, it can sometimes be difficult to view this data on smaller mobile device. In this release, we improved the experience by introducing mobile-optimized table views. Additionally, site visitors can now toggle between Table View and a simplified Card View that displays individual games and team standings on standalone cards.  

Use the toggle switch to seamlessly flip between views.

Select Dates from an Easy-to-Use Calendar 

The updated calendar tool allows you and your players to navigate game schedules with ease. By default, the calendar tool remains open while browsing league schedules for an efficient, streamlined experience. Once you’ve selected a date, you can choose to continue displaying the calendar tool or hide it. Hiding the calendar provides more space on the screen for the list of scheduled games.  

This updated calendar tool makes it easy to navigate league schedules.

Print League Schedules

Want to display game schedules on a bulletin board or provide a paper copy to coaches and staff? Simply click the printer icon to print a copy of the day’s game schedule. You can also save the schedule as a PDF.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Styling 

Logos and banner images will resize automatically to fit mobile devices. This means never having to worry about cut-off logos or images when users are on their mobile devices. Responsive grids and tables also ensure that league information is easily viewable from any device—from laptops to tablets to cell phones.  

Thank You for Your Feedback and Trust 

At EZFacility, we consider feedback to be a gift. Helping you and your business grow is our #1 goal. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do just that. Your input made this release possible, and we would love to hear more. 

Have feedback or feature ideas for EZLeagues or EZFacility? Please get in touch! 

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EZFacility Software Release: EZPayments Launches in the UK, Smartwaiver Updates

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Today’s release launches a new payment processing solution to EZFacility’s clients in the UK, along with updates to our Smartwaiver integration for improved document management. More than ever before, sports and fitness businesses are operating in a digital world—from virtual classes to mobile booking to digital waivers. As the industry evolves, our development team is hard at work building the tools you need to adapt and grow in this ever-changing landscape.

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EZFacility Software Release: Groups in the New EZFacility Experience

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In today’s release, one of our most popular features has been reimagined within EZFacility’s new user interface. New enhancements to the Groups module will help simplify and streamline the way facilities manage teams, leagues, camps, and other group-based events. Today’s updates will allow you to filter Groups, view related and sub-Groups in a simplified grid display, and use streamlined workflows to manage Groups and registrants in fewer clicks.​​ Read on to learn more about the Groups modules and the enhancements in today’s release.

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EZFacility Software Release: Vaccine Tracking, Membership Docs, & More

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In EZFacility’s latest software release, we are excited to deliver highly-anticipated features while continuing to build on the release of our new user interface earlier this year. Beyond the usability and time-saving advantages, EZFacility’s new user interface is where you’ll find the biggest and best enhancements our team has to offer. Updates in today’s release include vaccination tracking, flexible membership documents, expanded Google Analytics tracking, and email marketing capabilities. Let’s take a deep dive into the enhancements in EZFacility’s most recent release!

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Responsive Design from EZFacility

EZFacility’s New UI Experience Is Here

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In case you haven’t already heard the big news—we’re excited to share that we’re rolling out a major user interface (UI) redesign! Featuring a responsive, modern design across devices, EZFacility’s new UI offers an intuitive edge and solution to workflow challenges fitness businesses have been struggling to address since the Coronavirus pandemic upended the industry in 2020. And our latest investment doesn’t end with design—the upgrade also includes a new hosting partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing provider.

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