bradley sports center

Sean Delanty

“EZ’s intuitive learning relationship with the user is fantastic. There are functions that become second nature and those that are not accessed as frequently are easily recalled with just a couple of clicks. The ability to bulk schedule hundreds of recurring lessons over the course of several months is priceless. And the ability to create a large booking for a team or someone at the counter is quick and 100% accurate allowing us to let the customer see their and confirm right on the spot. With the invoicing functions, billing is straight forward and detailed. A client can question any item on an invoice and with the history function, we are able to see who made the changes or original booking and solve any miscommunication issues within a few minutes or hours. The pay functions are fantastic and using the cc interface is 100% accurate. Database storage is awesome and allows for a complete email campaign to all of a select group contained within the entire database. Email campaigns are professional and effective. The data mined from any campaign related to how many were opened, clicks that follow are priceless. It lets us gauge the relevance of the email and the response we get. Finally, when support is needed, even if it is just to ask how to do something, a REAL PERSON answers! Not only do they answer but they solve problems, help with tasks or take the time to teach us how to do something we do not know how to do. There is no better customer support in any business.”