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What is driving business and influencing every aspect of our daily lives? If you guessed technology, you are absolutely right. A more complicated question then is how exactly technology is doing this, and how businesses can further capitalize on its effect on consumer behavior.

The fact of the matter is, to keep ahead of the curve; businesses must incorporate technology into their operations. Here are a couple of key factors to consider in order to do this successfully.

1. Mobile has taken over.
Most purchasing decisions are done through easily portable mobile devices with access to high-speed internet. Today, consumers can order food, book tickets, bank, and arrange transport with a swipe or tap of a finger. In the realm of health and wellness, fitness tracking apps and virtual coaching have become all the rage. The main thing to take away from this rising trend is that convenience is key. This means businesses must have an easy to navigate interface for mobile devices to offer convenience and easy accessibility to clients.

2. Don’t think of apps as a threat to your business.
Instead, capitalize on this growing phenomenon. Yes, clients can access a variety of nutrition and coaching apps, however, fitness professionals can utilize these apps to build upon their existing programs and create a more personalized program that affects the client both in and outside the gym walls. An added benefit of this is there is still a human touch and point of contact along with providing a tech-based component for clients to use. Clients will respond more to an actual human that has a vested interest in helping them reach their goals than an app that simply processes an algorithm.

3. Self-Service is the future.
According to a recent study, the demand for self-service features has increased exponentially. Incorporating a self-service portal with the ability to allow clients to purchase products or services will go a long way in keeping your business relevant. Again, it’s all about convenience.

4. Social Media Presence is Crucial.
The preferred form of communication for most consumers is via text messaging and social media, which means your business needs to be present on all social media platforms and update it daily. We suggest creating a weekly schedule for posting on each platform, with content catered to the specific audience you are targeting. For example, Twitter, with its limited characters, is more effective with eye-catching images rather than a bunch of text. Social media, if used correctly, can be the most powerful marketing tool.

The bottom line is that you need to integrate technology into your business operations and marketing practices while still keeping that human touch. Adding convenience and personalized programming allows for a better experience for your clients and will keep your brand top-of-mind when consumers look to make purchasing decisions.

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