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Six Advantages to Choosing a Software Hosted on Amazon Web Services

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In October 2022 EZFacility will switch cloud platforms to Amazon Web Services. This is a big step forward to further improve our ability to serve clients. There are plenty of reasons to migrate to AWS, but here are six main advantages that will positively impact your experience with EZFacility.

1. Amazon Web Services is the Industry’s Leading Cloud/Infrastructure Provider

Cloud computing can be defined as the real-time ability to deliver IT resources via the internet. Prior to using cloud services, software was usually uploaded to each physical computer system often in the form of a disk. Cloud computing has changed this process tremendously, especially Amazon Web Services. AWS is the industry leader among all cloud infrastructure providers. Although cloud-based software allows for a more streamlined service, it also requires more advanced security measures and consistent maintenance. Choosing an established industry leader like AWS gives EZFacility the ability to run and deliver our software in the best way possible.

2. Reduce Deployment Time

To keep any great software going, it will need to be updated. Through AWS, our deployment time for new features/updates will be reduced. We will have a greater ability to streamline new software updates, so you can enjoy new and improved features in a shorter span of time. This means we can release frequently while having less impact on your business.

3. Reduce Potential Maintenance Issues

Maintenance can be a pain, mainly because it takes time away from using our platform. It can be daunting from a developer’s perspective as well. With AWS, potential maintenance issues will be minimized. Additionally, AWS will also allow for easier and faster maintenance. This will result in not only a better software solution but also less time away from utilizing it. 

4. More Reliable Platform

The only thing worse than maintenance is unforeseen maintenance. The reliability of a cloud system is one of the most crucial components. Migrating to AWS will grant our system improved reliability, which will reduce the risk of having emergency maintenance issues with your software.

5. Improved System Security

Although cloud computing has created the ability for improved, agile software solutions, it has also created a greater potential risk for security issues. With AWS being the industry-leading cloud provider, security is of utmost importance. AWS is currently the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available. This means you can run your business with peace of mind knowing that you and your client’s information will be further secured through using AWS.

6. Ability to Build for Infinite Scale

Quite possibly the most exciting aspect of switching to AWS is the ability it gives us to expand and innovate our software faster than ever before. AWS provides the latest technologies to experiment and innovate more quickly. It also creates the opportunity to take our software to the next level. As our software solution grows, AWS will give us the ability to scale our software to handle a larger number of clients. 


Many moving parts exist to make a transition like this happen. It is essential to recognize the development team and all who took part in making the migration to Amazon Web Services possible. At EZFacility, we strive to provide clients with the best solutions and experiences for their businesses, and the utilization of AWS is a great example of this priority. If any thoughts or comments arise on the AWS Migration, feel free to use the comment section within this blog post or email If you are seeking a solution that will be dedicated to your business management needs schedule your free demo of EZFacility today.

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