Client Highlight: C2Tactical Utilizes EZFacility Digital API

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With everything going on in the world this year, firearm sales have been on the rise. Particularly in America, where 2020 has brought about a lot of chaos. As a result, the news has shown a steady climb in traffic at shooting range facilities.

That’s why we contacted our friends over at C2 Tactical. We wanted to ask them a few things like, how they are managing, what they think guests are most interested in learning about and which EZFacility feature has been most helpful to them during these hectic times. Here was their response. 

Vincent Vasquez, The Owner of C2 Tactical, confirmed he has seen a significant increase in the demand for shooting range and training services in his state of Arizona. He also said customers have been most intrigued by two main areas- C2T’s range service memberships and their nationally recognized training. Because of this, it has been important to him to have a company like EZFacility on his side.

Vasquez said,

At C2 Tactical we looked for a vendor that could help us grow into the future. In reaching out to the great folks at EZFacility, we were able to work up a system that allows for an almost unlimited demand.”

So, which EZFacility feature has he found to be the most beneficial? The API.

“The largest feature has been the digital API. This is a critical technology add that most other vendors do not have. EZFacility’s willingness to enhance it further has given us the ability to have even more custom created items such as a class calendar that shows open seats and can streamline customer bookings. We are excited to see the new enhancements in class ID’s so that we can create even more streamline bookings.”

If you’re unfamiliar with what an Application Programming Interface (API) is, it’s a software-to-software connection that allows two or more applications, or websites, to share data with one another.

If that sounds complicated, it is and isn’t. You’ve likely seen or even used one before without knowing it. For example, Hootsuite is an API; One that allows users to post information to several social media platforms at once.

Well, EZFacility’s API works similarly. But, instead of business owners hiring someone to write out their own code from scratch, they simply integrate ours directly into their website or application instead. It saves them time and money. Plus, it’s easy to use.

Vasquez added,

“Over the last couple of months we were able to program out classes, website services, shooting lane reservations and other services that we provide in a very organized way. As we continue to work with the EZ team, we are working to further enhance the API feed to continue automating future offerings and streamline presentations on our website.”

There are several different kinds of EZFacility API’s. But each one allows users to share real-time scheduling, billing, updates and much more.

If you still have questions about how to use one and why, start here for additional examples or reach out to us directly. We love the interaction! For more information on some of our other popular business features and benefits right now, read this.

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