Registration Management

Use Registration Management to Host Sign-Ups For Leagues, Tournaments & Programs

Make your next program or league registration a success with EZFacility’s Registration Management tool. Create one or multiple registration offerings and have them live on your branded website within minutes. Keep all your registration data in one place so members, coaches, instructors, and staff can access the information they need quickly and easily.

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.

Streamlined Experience

Remove the unnecessary barriers to member registration. Allow members to register themselves or their child for sessions, tournaments, and programs online or in-person. Offer group or individual sign-ups. 

Simplified Setup

Set registration dates and times, program capacity, and deposit requirements. Automatically organize leagues and programs by sport and session for easier navigation.

Website Integration

Create, customize, and publish customized registration forms, waivers, payment information, and program summaries directly to your website.

Did You Know?

All your member registration information is stored safely on our secure platform so you can access registrations, whether online or in-person, in one central location from any device with an internet connection.

Roster Management

Allow coaches to manage rosters, teammates, and team payments all online. Run preset reports and rosters for entire programs or individual sessions.

Email Capabilities

Loop everyone in on important updates, schedule changes, payments, and more. Email individual registrants, coaches, or the entire program roster with just a few clicks.


Faster Group Registrations

Make it easy for existing teams or leagues to sign up for upcoming programs or events. Simply set-up group registrations in your dashboard so team leaders can register their entire roster in one go.

Maximize Staff Productivity

Higher Registration Turnout

Expect a boost in turnout with online registration. Market open registration across social media, email, and other marketing channels to quickly increase visibility. Lead interested groups or individuals directly to your registration landing page.

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