Use Your Computer Software to Increase Revenue

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Being a successful business owner means using all available tools and resources at hand. If utilized to its fullest potential, your software can be one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. We encourage you to get to know your software and all its capabilities as this is vital to increasing your revenue.

Here are a few key features that should be utilized to maximize profit:

  • Reports / Data Management
    • Estimate what cash flow will be by utilizing your software to predict what next month’s billing will come in at. Pulling reports will help you identify where problems may lie, making it easier and quicker to adjust for the following month
    • Utilize components of reporting to sort out member profiles including which members are billed monthly, prepaid, short term, promotional, cancelled, or expired. Ultimately this will help you decipher where revenue can be increased and which members to target as monthly members are more likely to stay longer and are a greater source of revenue.
  • Email Marketing
    • Know which of your members are frequent users and which are sporadic users. Use your software to appropriately target them with emails and promotions encouraging them to come more often or remind them that you appreciate their business.
    • Utilize the email function to send out communication regarding your facility. Keep members posted on the latest promotions and news and they’ll appreciate you connecting with them.
  • POS
    • With the point-of-sale feature, track all services sold. This makes it simpler to account for trainer commissions, available sessions, and outstanding balances and will allow you to view reports according to the type of sale.
    • Take advantage of the employee time clock included in your software. This will eliminate time wasted on adding up timecards and allow you to have all the information in one place reducing the risk of an error.

Finally, using one company to provide all software and billing services in addition to the follow-up work on delinquent accounts will allow you to focus on customers; knowing that should a problem arise, it’s necessary to contact only one company to fix the issue. The less time spent dealing with software, the more time staff and owners have to spend with current and potential customers, ultimately leading to a revenue increase.
If you’re paying for your software… make the most of your investment and use it to its greatest capacity.

Check back often for tips on how to maximize profits for your business.