3 Simple Gym Class Makeovers For Instructors

3 Simple Gym Class Makeovers For Instructors

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What do your classes look like and how would you describe them? Are they the same compared to other facilities? Some of the smallest alterations to the most standard of classes can help put your facility on the radar again. With just a little bit of out-of-box thinking, the steps to revolutionizing your facility can be made possible. We thought of three suggestions to get your creativity going on what can be done to spice up your facility.

Bounce Up Retention With Mini Trampolines

One product that has seen quite an incline in popularity in both adults and children is the bouncy portable contraption known as the trampoline. Yes. Adults love trampolines too. The mini ones to be more specific. They’re inexpensive and can provide similar health benefits to an intense jogging session.
According to a study from the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, exercises, mini trampolines have actually improved both balance and mobility in elderly female participants. The popularity of mini trampolines among adults has also lead to alternate versions of fitness group sessions. (Just think of your typical fitness group exercises while bouncing.) And specialized intense individual workouts called rebounding that aim to improve cardio and duration of sleep. If you decide to add trampolines to your gym-remember to take caution for your younger members as the adolescent injury rate is very common among trampolines.

Break Out Dance Moves With Song & Dance Exercises

If you haven’t introduced a Zumba type of class into your selection of classes then it may be time to do so. The rise of music inspired workout routines has paved way for even video game companies to make a modest profit so long as they avoid using the trademarked words. The reasons aren’t just economically relevant but also mentally. Music and dance exercise classes involve team harmony and cooperation, effectively enhancing the bond between all members in addition to the bond between the instructor and the individual member. What better way to promote client unity than to give them a desirable prize that benefits both you and your client!

Bring More Immersion To Your Gym With A 1 Hour Movie Night Cycle Class

You know that TV sitting on the wall, surrounded by treadmills and cycling machines? You can turn that into an event that will keep clients coming back. Choose a popular film or show that you know all of your clients enjoy and establish common reoccurring situations to use as cues for intense workout intervals. For example, in the holiday film Elf, whenever the character Buddy gets really excited, cyclists and runners would speed up for a five to ten-minute period. In the instance of this example, these types of classes could be a great seasonal feature. By providing a challenge within entertainment, your clients will feel more inclined to volunteer for this class.