How to Market Martial Arts To Adults

How to Market Martial Arts To Adults

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The benefits of martial arts are endless. Not only do they help build up physical endurance, but they also teach discipline, confidence, and moral values. For these reasons, a lot of people are quick to enroll their kids in classes. (Which is never a bad thing!) However, many adults can also gain something from those same lessons.

School owners, are you interested in getting more adult students to sign up for your martial arts classes? We want to help you. There are ways to make your classes more appealing to adult students like by offering a free trial or adding in some evening classes. Read more here.

Plan it Right

You’ve heard it before: timing is everything.

Sometimes, adults are interested in learning but can’t make it to class at the regular scheduled time. That’s where child students have it pretty easy; They can join an after-care or summer martial arts program. Whereas, adult students have jobs and lives to maintain. Which is why finding the time to make it to a class is much harder.

Start by offering several evening classes. The later time slots should allow them ample time to fight traffic home, take care of their family responsibilities and still get to class on time.

Offer Family-Friendly Options

Many parents might jump at the idea of joining a martial arts class if they are able to bring their kids with them. Many parents don’t have anyone to watch their kids or don’t feel comfortable being away from them for a long time. You can help solve this problem in a couple of ways:

  • Offer evening daycare services at your facility for the children of your students. That way, while the parents are getting their workout in, the kids are doing homework, watching movies, or participating in other activities with a certified childcare worker.
  • Encourage family bonding time and advertise “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” sessions where the kids can work out alongside their parents.

Run Different Promotions

Consider running different promotions geared toward adult groups. Generally speaking, kids don’t have a problem jumping into new settings and making friends. But adults tend to be more reserved and feel safest in numbers. Offering them the opportunity to bring along a group of friends, or a partner, could make all the difference for a lot of people who are scared to show up alone.

  • Group discounts:  If it’s a shyness factor, a group discount could be appealing for many martial arts students. For someone who has never done a martial arts class before, they might feel less uncomfortable being surrounded by a group of friends.
  • Couple Classes:  In martial arts, there are many times you get teamed up with a partner. Imagine being able to bring your partner with you. It could turn what would’ve been an awkward evening into a fun date-night routine.
  • Word of mouth advertising: Referral programs are great for everyone involved! Chances are, your students are already doing word of mouth advertising for you anyway because martial arts lessons are a ton of fun. So, why not offer them an incentive to tell more of their friends?
  • Free trial: This is for the person who knows about the benefits of martial arts but is still on the fence about joining. A free trial could be the push that’s needed to get started. It doesn’t have to be a long time offer, just a couple of free passes.
  • Charity event: Hosting a charity event where all of the guests are invited to participate in martial arts lessons could definitely spark some interest.

School owners, good luck on finding more adult martial arts students. One last tip is to be sure to include social media in your marketing efforts. Social media can help you pinpoint the target audience you are looking for.

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