Making the Most of Your Second Highest Revenue Generator

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Typically, the highest revenue generator for a gym is memberships. The second highest revenue generator is personal training and it’s essential that you do everything you can to ensure that it is well taken care of. With a new year comes the opportunity to revamp your system and how you capitalize on this revenue generator.
As always, there are a few key elements that will play a role in how successful you are.


Be sure that your members are aware of what services you provide and make clear the benefits and value of each of these services. Additionally, targeting the right members will lead to better results and allow your sales person to confidently sell because they know they are dealing with someone who is the right candidate for personal training.


Once the marketing has done its job, the sales staff takes over with a script at the ready persuading members to invest in this service (personal training). Be sure to identify objections you will need to overcome as being prepared for these will ensure a smoother sales process and show potential customers that you’re prepared for anything! Lastly, be proactive when closing the sale by assuming which package they want to purchase, not if they would like to purchase one.


A vital step in the marketing and sales process is to track all consultations in order to determine how trainers performed and what sort of results they are accomplishing. Being able to identify which trainers are performing well and which ones need assistance will prove to be an important piece of information to have for making the entire process successful.

Having a plan in place to market and sell your personal training program will inevitably result in higher member retention (your highest revenue generator!) in addition to an increase in personal training revenues for your gym.

We hope these tips are helpful and stay tuned for more ideas and suggestions!

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